E-Stim: Flanged Electrode

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The Flange electrode is a unique design and one of the earliest creations from E-Stim Systems, and is still highly popular.

The small head allows easy penetration, both vaginally and anally, and the large flanged base ensures the electrode cannot penetrate too far, so it is idea for beginners as well as the more experienced. The wide flanged base gives security and comfort, but also provides an additional contact area so its very popular when used vaginally as it stimulates the labial area as well

A definite winner. The electrode contacts at the top and bottom of the electrode, providing excellent contact and a more natural feeling than some other designs. Available in a brushed finish. The brushed finish is supplied as standard. If you are looking for something bigger then consider the Moaner or the MJ, both based on the E-Stim Systems flanged base design.

The Flanged electrode is machined from aircraft grade materials, and like our other premium electrodes, it will if cared for, last for years. It can even be disassembled for cleaning. The base is machined with a grip ring to help during insertion and extraction. The Flanged electrode is fitted with 4mm sockets in the base, and works well with E-Stim Systems low profile connectors.

Supplied in a plastic storage tube and covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Size: 50mm (base), 25mm (head) x 100mm long (210g)