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Puppy Hood Design 1
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Bargain pup hood:

Single colour pup hood in any (printable) colour. This genuine Wruff Stuff hand-crafted pup hood is made from neoprene, it's lightweight, breathable, comfortable to wear and machine-washable. Hoods have adjustable straps to fit. All hoods are latex-free. Let us know which single colour you would like .


About Wruff Stuff Origin Story

In November 2015 the creator of Wruff Stuff, known to most in the pup scene as Mister Nigel, was looking for a hood for a puppy friend. Being a creative type he didn't want just a black hood, and being a problem-solver he went about creating his own. Eventually, having spent some free time working on a shape and sourcing materials, a hood was born. It was made of neoprene and vinyl, and was pretty... pretty. But not pretty enough. He wanted to try something no-one had done before, and create a fully printed hood. He and some friends realised that it was something unique, something awesome, and something that other pups might want. There was some road-testing done and the hoods went on sale.


Where they are now ?

Wruff Stuff, coined a "designer label" by some in the industry, is fully functional, producing hoods for puppies all over the world. We're still a small team based mostly in Manchester (UK), and there's a long way to go yet, but it works, and pups love our hoods.

About Wruff Stuff Hoods Physical attributes:  Wruff Stuff hoods are printed in full glorious colour onto a neoprene/jersey fabric and then lovingly hand-made. Hoods come in one size with adjustable webbing straps. They are machine washable. Standard vs customised prints A standard hood has set colours, a customised hood uses colours that the customer chooses. Standard hoods are off-the-shelf prints that have a pre-set colour scheme. All hoods are available as standard. Customised hoods has a scheme set by the customer. Most hoods can be customised.


CHOOSE YOUR  HOOD DESIGN FROM THE IMAGES from this Introductory range or the more colourful range.

Contact Us

TP Products Ltd ( 094800262)

Director: Mr S. SHINER

Registered Head Office ; Unit 55, 6 New Union Street, Coventry, CV1 2HN