Mister B Leather Kilt

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Mister B leather Kilt

This Mister B Leather Kilt is a top class product with zero compromise on every quality aspect we could imagine. Wearing this kilt will make everyone wonder if you're wearing something underneath? Of course, if you prefer, you can combine this with a pair of undies to your liking, but please do know that wearing nothing under it feels great. The feel of air blowing past your genitals with every step you take is amazing?

Handcrafted in our leather workshop from strong yet supple 100% aniline full grain cow leather.

You won't believe the amount of leather and labour that goes into this Mister B Leather Kilt to get all the folds exactly right, making this product worth every penny.

The fit is adjustable with buckles on the hip, though for a perfect fit we do carry the kilts in the following sizes:

  • S (27-30 inch waist)
  • M (30-32 inch waist)
  • L (33-34 inch waist)
  • XL (35-36 inch)
  • XXL (36-38 inch)