Mister Riegillio Utility Vest

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Mister Riegellio Utility Vest . Faux Leather

Introducting the Mr. Utility Vest.... which features ... well stuff for utilities, who would expect that! You can use it for real men stuff like a hammer, screwdriver or your drilling machine (which you have of course) or ... poppers, condoms, lube, wallet, mobile and disposable gloves

The vest is a one size fits all. All of the pieces are adjustable.

It comes with 6 different velcro patches which can easily be removed:

  • Officer
  • Slut
  • Master
  • Slave
  • Alpha
  • Polizei

The materials used in vests are nylon cordura and polyester mesh, with elastic bands and grippy material work on the chest. Please be aware that in some countries (like Germany) it is prohibited to wear 'POLIZEI' in public.