Viviclean - Latex disinfectant & Cleaner

VIVICLEAN - Latex cleaner
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This fantastic cleaner will deep clean, disinfect and make your rubber ready to shine up! Without a good clean, rubber can often look dull, even after using your shining agent. Keep you rubber not just looking good but in fantastic condition by using Viviclean, which has been specifically designed for use with your beloved rubber gear. The incredible formula cleans and disinfects rubber and latex using it's antibacterial properties.

Give your rubber some intensive and caring latex cleaning with this dye and perfume free cleaning agent. It's even dermatologically tested, so you can be sure that it won't cause any irritation, and is odour-neutralising, so is great for getting rid of any smells such as smoke! Just add 15-20ml into clean water and wash your garments for around 1 minute, then rinse with clean water.

It couldn't be easier! Comes in a 250ml bottle with a flip lid for ease of use.

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