Mister B - Floppy Dog Hood

Mister B Floppy Dog Hood - Leather
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Mister B Floppy Dog Hood This new Mister B FETCH leather Dog Mask with floppy ears will transform you or your pup into a Pitbull Terrier.

This classic dog hood is made of leather and has an additional layer of shiny fake leather for added detail. With its adjustable straps along the sides and the back of the hood, you can adapt the hood to your needs. This mask is handmade and equipped with an accommodating detachable mouth piece to make fetching, drinking and other activities (J) easily accessible.

The tongue is leather and removable to allow flexibility in expression. Specifications: Material: leather with added layer of shiny fake leather One size fits (almost) all Detachable mouth piece Detachable tongue

Available in full black or black with brown

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