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Brand New Limited Production: NPS Solovair Handcrafted in England Cherry Red, Cherry Southerners or Black  Steel Toe Derby Boots UK 7-13 Available in 11 14 or 20 Hole / Eye.

You are purchasing ONE Pair of Boots in the Selected Size and Height.

History of Solovair Boots:

The famous production standards of NPS has secured Solovair a reputation with retailers and discerning customers, as a premium soft suspension product. Rather than have a continuous production line, which they believe offers the operative no time to notice and correct any errors, NPS is organised in areas according to distinct stages of production. Each pair is only passed from one area to another when the respective operative is satisfied they are ready. In this respect, there is a far slimmer chance that an unsatisfactory shoe or boot will result at the end of the production process.

In effect it is a continuous quality control process not employed by many other factories. Each pair of boots goes through about 120 different production stages. NPS Solovair is an independent & family-run business manufacturing the finest handmade Goodyear-welted footwear in the county of Northamptonshire, England. Established in 1881, they have a proud and distinguished heritage in footwear manufacturing. NPS Solovair continue to remain true to their ideals, combining over 130 years of tradition, the latest technology and materials, in order to produce the best quality shoes and boots.

To maintain this undisputed quality, our products will always be hand-made from start (‘clicking’) to ‘finishing’ in the UK. Features and Sizing: Cherry Red 100% Leather Uppers Unique Goodyear Welted Rubber Sole. The original Solovair Air-Cushioned sole providing underfoot comfort and durability. It is oil- and fat resistant, tough and offers good abrasion and slip resistance. Handcrafted / Hand Made in England by a traditional Family-run business Each pair of boots go through about 120 different production stages. Steel Toe Cap (non-safety steel) The boots come with Black Round Laces The Air Cushion Sole is exactly what it says, it is like "walking on air" which means extra comfort for your foot. Grey Welt Stitching This is a Goodyear Welted Product.

The Upper and Sole are sewn together (not glued) . The Welt is chain stitched to the Upper and Insole. The outsole is then sewn to the welt around the edge and then heat sealed. This gives a stirdy and complex construction. Metal Eyelets The Shaft is produced to fit the shape of your leg / calf These boots are mailed in their original box and will be sent inside an extra protective box. The Heel is 3cm / 1 2/8" tall Solovair Tag at the Top of the Shaft Leather inside tongue behind the laces / metal eyelets Height of the boots (Based on a UK size 9) from bottom of heel to top of shaft: 11 Hole / Eye Version: 24cm / 9 6/8" tall 14 Hole / Eye Version: 31cm / 12 2/8" tall 20 Hole / Eye Version: 40cm / 16" tall

Sizing Measurements: These boots are listed in Mens UK Sizing. If in doubt we recommend one size larger (you can always add an insole if needed) We have measured the actual inside measurement of the boots (see the last picture in the gallery) As all brands of boots differ in sizing please do check the measurements The best way to do this is to either measure inside the boots you have now (measure the insole longest point inside) or take a piece pf paper, and standing up wearing socks, stand on the paper and draw a line around your foot, then compare to the measurements below:

Here are the actual inside measurements based on the longest and widest point inside the boot. Please allow some space as your foot will expand when warm and you do not want your toe to knock against the steel cap.

  • UK7 (US8 / EU41): Length inside longest point: 27.5cm / 11" Widest point inside: 9.3cm / 3 6/8"
  • UK8 (US9 / EU42): Length inside longest point: 28cm / 11 2/8" Widest point inside: 9.5cm / 3 7/8"
  • UK9 (US10 / EU43): Length inside longest point: 29cm / 11 4/8" Widest point inside: 10cm / 4"
  • UK10 (US11 / EU44): Length inside longest point: 30cm / 11 7/8" Widest point inside: 10cm / 4"
  • UK11 (US12 / EU45): Length inside longest point: 31cm / 12 2/8" Widest point inside: 10.1cm / 4 1/8"
  • UK12 (US13 / EU46): Length inside longest point: 32cm / 12 5/8" Widest point inside: 10.4cm / 4 2/8"
  • UK13 (US14 / EU47): Length inside longest point: 32.5cm / 12 7/8" Widest point inside: 10.5cm / 4 2/8"



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