Titus Stanless Steel Cockring with anal Ball

Titus stainless steel cockring and anal ball
Sales price £49.99

This Cockring with  Anal Ball from Titus has a solid weighty ball.

Why settle for stimulating just your cock and balls? There is just so much of you down there that deserves attention and stimulation. It is hard to do it all on your own sometimes or even when you are with a partner. This is where the Titus Stainless Steel Cock Ring & Anal Ball comes in. A premium product from a knowledgeable manufacturer.

This device slips around your cock and balls to give a nice firm grip around your whole member. But it doesn’t stop there. There is a nice little connecter that will press against your perineum, sending a sensation through your whole body. At the end of it is a firm metal ball that locks into place in your asshole to stimulate you from the inside out.

Now the device is providing stimulation all over your erogenous areas. The ball at the end can be removed for easy cleanup or if you want to move up to a bigger and bolder size. The ring itself comes in three different sizes so you get the grip you want where you need it the most. Whether you are by yourself or with someone else, this cock ring & anal ball will make things better than you’ve ever felt before.

Choose your size from the drop down above:

Small Internal diameter 40mm ring - 30mm ball

Medium Internal diameter 45mm ring - 30mm ball

Large Internal diameter 50mm ring - 30mm ball

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