The F-Machine Pro Fuck Machine

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670200 with dildo
The f-machine Pro - fucking machine
Sales price £670.26

The f-machine pro is Mister B's flagship fucking machine. This sex machine is extremely powerful and versatile featuring an adjustable thrust rod length, adjustable thrust depth of 1-6 inches (2.5-15 cm) and adjustable front and rear legs to suit various positions.The f-machine pro features a 60 watt industrial spec motor with a mind-blowing top speed of 240 rpm. Despite its enormous power and speed, thanks to our engineers, it is virtually silent (we won?t tell your neighbours if you don?t!).

The f-machine is made from the finest aircraft alloys, composites and other state of the art materials. We think that this is the best commercially available sex machine we could find.

Note: Though the f-machine is a complete starter kit with all required tools and everything, lube is not included in the package.

Key Features;

  1.  60 watt 24v hi torque motor (silent).
  2.  Soft-start speed controller (motor starts safely & slowly).
  3.  0-240 rpm speed control.
  4.  6-position quick change crank arm (1-6 inches) / (2.5-15 cm).
  5.  annotated hand held remote control.
  6.  virtually silent slider mechanism (even at full speed).
  7.  adjustable thrust rod length.
  8. clear plastic slider guard.
  9. adjustable leg height for various thrust angles.
  10. all major componently 220-240 V (Europe etc) or 100-110 V (USA / Japan).
  11. Kit comes complete with black 8 inch dong (20 cm). Any Doc Johnson dildo with Vaculock-attachment fits.
  12. Supplied with continental
  13. cnc machined from aircraft alloy.
  14. Switcheable power supp
  15. plug / socket.
  16. More info on www.f-machine.com.
  17. Downloadable User Manual on http://www.f-machine.com/assets/user_manual.pdf.
  18. Check out the videos on http://www.f-machine.com/XXXratedporn/videos.html.
  19. Please do take a look at the Rocky, which is an attachment for Fleshlight / Fleshjack-masturbators.

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